For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16


Remember only what

you do for Christ will last.

One of the greatest joys that we can have as Christians is the joy of leading someone to Christ. Think of it! You and I can be God's instruments in the salvation of others.

Who can have the privilege of leading people to Christ? Any believer! This is not the work of just a few select people. Every Christian is called upon to witness for Christ, and every Christian can be a soul-winner. The Lord Jesus said,

"Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19

Why is it so important to learn how to win others to Christ? Because of the value of a human soul. Why is the human soul of such great value?

Because it will live forever. Every person you meet has a soul that will live forever—either in the blessings of Heaven or in the miseries of hell.

The Bible says,

"He who believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on him." John 3:36

God values the souls of men so highly that He sent His Son to die on the cross that men might be saved. When we see how precious all men are to God, we will do all we can to win them to Christ.

We Must Use GOD'S WORD
To win souls, we must know how to use the Word of God. Just as a doctor does not give the same prescription to every patient, so the same verse will not meet the need of every person. You must have a good working knowledge of the Bible.

Are you reading your Bible daily? Are you memorizing Scripture? Have you established your Quiet Time? Do not neglect these things if you want to win souls.

We Must Have GOD'S POWER
If we are to be soul-winners, we need something else: we need the power of God. The soul-winner's power comes from the Holy Spirit.

When the Lord Jesus commanded His disciples to preach the gospel to every creature, He also promised them the power of the Holy Spirit. He said,

"You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me…" Acts 1:8

On the day of Pentecost, the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. Peter stood up and preached in the power of the Holy Spirit and approximately 3,000 souls were saved.

It is the Holy Spirit who convicts people of sin; it is the Holy Spirit who shows people their need of a Saviour; and it is the Holy Spirit who reveals Christ to them. Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you can be an effective soul-winner.

We Must Give People the GOSPEL
The soul-winner's message is the gospel. The word "gospel" means "good news" and the good news is that Christ died for our sins and rose again to be our living Saviour. The Apostle Paul wrote,

"Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the gospel…that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures." 1 Corinthians 15:1, 3-4

Here are four basic truths in the gospel message:

The fact of sin.


The penalty of sin.


Christ paid the penalty.


We must receive Christ.

Get these four facts firmly fixed in your mind, because you will use them in leading souls to Christ.

How to Lead A Person to Christ

In leading someone to Christ, you simply explain the four basic truths of the gospel.

The first step in leading a person to Christ is to show him from God's Word that he is a sinner. A good passage to use for this is Romans 3:10—12. Let him read these verses. This is what God says about us. Now have him read Romans 3:23. Before a person can be saved, he must realize that he is a sinner and be willing to give up his sins. The Lord Jesus said,

"Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish." Luke 13:5

The next step is to show him from God's Word that the penalty of sin is death. "For the wages of sin is death…" Explain that the word "death" as used here means separation from God, in the lake of fire, forever. Because we are sinners and condemned to eternal death, we need a Saviour.

Our next verse is a very familiar one—John 3:16. Let him read it. Whom does God mean when He says "the world"? He means every one. This includes you and me.

What did God give to us? He gave His Son to us. This means that He gave Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

Why did God give us a Saviour? Because He loves us and because we need a Saviour! We cannot save ourselves, so God gave Jesus to us to be our Saviour.

If I give you something, do you have to pay me for it? No. Do you have to work for it? No. But there is one thing you must do—you must receive it. God has given the Lord Jesus to us to be our Saviour, but we must receive Him.

Now turn to John 1:12. Have him read this verse. How does one become a child of God? By receiving the Lord Jesus.

"As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God…"

Now you can ask these questions: Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Do you believe that He died on the cross for your sins and rose again? Do you believe that He is able to save you? Do you believe that He is willing to save you? Do you believe that He would come into your heart and save you right now if you asked Him to?

If the answer to these questions is "Yes," then you can ask, "Would you like to ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart right now? If so, then pray this prayer with me:

"Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner. I believe that You are the Son of God, and that You died on the cross for my sins. Please come into my heart right now, and be my Saviour."
Knowing That You Are Saved
When a person truly receives Christ as his Saviour, God wants him to know that he is saved. How can a person know that he is saved? He can know (1) by believing God's Word, and (2) by the witness of the Holy Spirit.

A good verse to use for assurance is John 3:36. Note that God speaks of two groups of people in this verse—those who believe on the Son, and those who do not believe on Him.

God said it! I believe it! That settles it!
What does God say about those who believe on the Son? He says, "He who believes on the Son has everlasting life." The word "has" means that you have it—right now! Now turn to 1 John 5:11-13. Notice in these verses that God says that we can know that we have eternal life.

Assurance of salvation also comes from the witness of the Holy Spirit. This simply means that the Holy Spirit lets us know in our spirit that we are saved. The Bible says,

"The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God." Romans 8:16

How can we know that another person is saved? We cannot know for sure. We may sincerely believe that a person has received Christ as his Saviour, but we may be mistaken. For this reason, we should never tell a person that he is saved. This is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Be Courteous And Tactful
In seeking to win a person to Christ you must be bold, yet you must be tactful and courteous. You must turn the conversation to spiritual matters without causing offense. Next, you must find out what a person believes about the way of salvation.

One way to do this is to ask this question: "If someone were to ask you, 'How can I become a child of God?,' what would you say?" Most unsaved people think that a person becomes a Christian by being baptized, by joining the church, or by doing good deeds. These things are good, but they do not save anyone. The Bible says,

"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast." Ephesians 2:8-9

After you have explained this, you can ask, "Would you like for me to show you from the Bible what God says about how a person is saved?" If the answer is "yes," then you can proceed with the four steps (given above) in leading a person to Christ.

Love Is Essential
The essential quality of a soul-winner is love for people. You cannot win souls if you do not love souls. God loves all people—all are precious in His sight. Ask God to fill your heart with His love.

You Can Win Children
Can children be saved? Yes, they surely can! In fact, it is much easier for children to trust the Lord Jesus as Saviour than it is for grown-ups. The Lord Jesus told us this. He said,

"Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

Some Do's and Don'ts of witnessing
always use your Bible when leading people to Christ. Even though you may be able to quote the verse, it is better to let the other person read it himself.

use too many verses.

look to God in prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

interrupt people. Try to find out their problem, but don't get side-tracked. Keep bringing them back to the matter of their relationship to the Lord Jesus.

be earnest. This is no time for joking. Soul-winning is serious business.

argue. God does not send us out to win arguments; He sends us out to win souls.

be careful of your breath. Don't offend people needlessly.

admit it when you don't know the answer to a question. Just say, "I don't know the answer to that question, but I am sure there must be one. One thing I do know—Jesus Christ changed my life, and He will do the same for you."

value every person highly. We must see every person as one for whom Christ died. If we look down on, or despise any person, we are not worthy to be Christ's servants.

be discouraged. Some will reject the Saviour, but keep right on witnessing for Christ.

be concerned. Jesus wept and prayed over lost souls, and so should we.

encourage new converts to confess Christ to others and to join a Bible-believing church at the first opportunity.

Overcome Your Fears
One of the greatest hindrances to personal work is the fear of people. We are afraid of what others will think.

A Christian who was a fearless personal worker was asked if he had always been bold. He replied that he had once been as timid as anyone. One day he could stand it no longer. He fell on his knees with his Bible open at Psalm 34:4: "I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears." He said, "Lord, You did this for David. Do it now for me." God heard his prayer and answered it.
Ask God to do the same for you. You have the message that brings eternal life to people, and you must give it out boldly. When we are fearful of people, we make them bigger than the gospel message. This is sin.

You Can Win Souls
There are people all around you who need to be saved.

Begin now to pray for them.

Watch for an opportunity to witness to them.

Learn the four basic truths of the gospel.

Learn how to answer objections.

Be ready and God will use you.

Don't be afraid of making a mistake. You will make the greatest mistake of all if you don't try to win someone to Christ.

Meet the love of our lives.
Our Very best Friend.
Jesus Christ
Welcome to our Salvation room.
Getting saved is really very simple.
God has made the way so easy.
Man is the one who makes it hard.
It is as easy as A.B.C.
All you have to do is ADMIT that you are a sinner.
We all are.
And then you must ASK Jesus to come into your heart.
The Bible says in Romans 3:23
For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
What this verse of Scripture is saying is that there in not one person in this world who have not sinned.
You must also be truly sorry for your sins and you must believe that we cannot get into Heaven by doing our good deeds, or by being a good person.
The only reason that we can get into
 Heaven is because Jesus shed His precious blood and He died on the Cross for our sins. 
Now this does not mean that we will not sin again.
No way. We mess up all of the time.
We are in no way perfect and God knows that
were are not perfect, and God knows it.
This is why He sent his only Son to die for us.
This also does not mean that just because Jesus died on the Cross for us that we can live any kind of way.
No way! He wants us to try our best to not sin
and to live a life that will be pleasing to God.
You can only do this with God's help.
If you do mess up again, all you need to do is ask God
to forgive you and try not to sin again.
He will help you.
The Cross is kind of like a Bridge.
We must walk across it to get to God,
 Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.
  You must BELIEVE that Jesus died on the Cross
for your sins and that He rose from the grave.
The Bible also says in Romans 10: 9-10
That if thou shalt CONFESS with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,
thou shalt be saved.
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness;
and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
Let us make this Scripture a little clear for you.
We are going to let you hear what this same verse of Scripture says from the Living Bible.
9 For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.
The Bible also says in Romans 10:13
For "Anyone who calls on the
name of the Lord will be saved.
Now isn't that GOOD NEWS?
Then you must tell someone that you have asked
 Jesus into your heart.
This lets God know that we are not ashamed of him.
The Bible says in Mark 8:38
Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.
Let me make it clearer for you once again,
by reading in from The Living translation Bible.
If a person is ashamed of me and my message in these adulterous and sinful days, I, the Son of Man, (Jesus) will be ashamed of that person (when I return) in the glory of my Father with the holy angels."
This Scripture also lets us know that Jesus is coming
back one day to get us and take us to
Heaven to live with Him forever.
If you decide to pray the prayer below
and you don't have anyone to tell, tell us.
We would love to hear that you got saved.
We are Brad and Karen
Our email is at the bottom of this page.
All you have to do is email us back telling us that you have sincerely asked Jesus to come into your heart.
We will all be so happy for you.
That is all you need to do.
Please pray and believe the prayer below.
We can tell you that if you do decide to ask Jesus into your heart, this will be the best decision that you have ever made in your life.
When you get saved you will come to know just how much Jesus loves you and just how merciful He really is.
You will never find another love like the love of Jesus.
We cannot promise that you will feel all fuzzy inside.
You may or you may not.
Either way, whether you feel something or not,
He will be in your heart.
We are saved by faith.
When you say this prayer, at that very moment Jesus will wash away all of your sins.
We do not know if within the next few seconds if
Jesus will come to get us, or if we may die.
You could die before you finish reading this letter.
Please know that we are not saying
this to try to scare you.
We are saying this because it is the truth and you do
not want to be caught dead without Jesus.
Please do not let the devil trick you into not saying this prayer.
We have said all that I can say to help you,
The next step is up to you.
Here is the prayer that you need to pray.
Dear Jesus.
I love you so much
I admit that I am a sinner and I am truly sorry for my sins.
I know now that the only way that I can be saved and go to Heaven is by admitting that I am sinner and believing that you died on the Cross for my sins and on the third day (Easter Sunday Morning)
that you got up from the grave.
Jesus I cannot promise that I will never sin,
but I will do my very best to try to live a life that is pleasing to you with your help.
 Please come into my heart dear Jesus.
Please come and live inside of me.
Please become Lord over my life.
Please help me to turn all of my problems over to you.
I do love you Jesus with all of my heart.
I thank you for dying on the Cross and shedding your precious Blood, just for me.
I now believe that since I have done what you have asked of me, according to your Word, I am now saved.
 I thank you Jesus for saving my soul.
In Jesus Name
If you have said this prayer and you really meant it,
The Bible says that the Angels are rejoicing.
See the Scripture below.
Luke 15:10
Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.
The same Scripture for the Living translation Bible.
In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.
So right now all of the Angels in heaven are rejoicing!
From this point on, we can truly say that your
life will never be the same.
We are so happy for you.
Please email us and tell us,
I just gave my heart to Jesus!
We will be rejoicing with you.
May God bless you and may He keep you in His care.
Pastor Brad and Karen

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